Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Green Aventurine | Earrings | Sterling Silver | 1” long



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- green earringsLarge green earringsgreen green earringsaventurine green earringswith green earringstiny green earringsmatte green earringstan green earringsbeads green earringson green earringssterling green earringssilver green earringswires- green earringsabout green earrings1\u201d green earringslongThank green earringsyou!Green green earringsAventurine: green earringsHelps green earringswith green earringsharmony green earringsand green earringssuccess green earringswhile green earringsbringing green earringsthe green earringswearer green earringsgood green earringsluck.

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