Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

formal, Amethyst | Handmade Sterling Silver Links | 18.5” Necklaces | One of a Kind



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These chunkyamethysts chunkyeach chunkyhave chunkytheir chunkyown chunkyworld... chunkyEach chunkyis chunkyso chunkyunique chunkyand chunkyshows chunkythe chunkyfull chunkynatural chunkybeauty chunkyof chunkyan chunkyamethyst!Each chunkybead chunkyis chunkypurple chunkyto chunkybeige chunkyto chunkywhite.- chunkyAmethyst- chunkyHandmade chunkysterling chunkylinks18.5"One chunkyof chunkya chunkykind!Amethyst: chunkySymbolizes chunkyfire chunkyand chunkypassion, chunkypromotes chunkycreativity chunkyand chunkyspirituality, chunkyand chunkyis chunkybelieved chunkyto chunkymaintain chunkysobriety.

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