Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large 50x30mm rhodonite semiprecious gemstone pendantlarge bead, dusty rose pink with blacklarge bead, eyecatching focal pendant bead for wire wrappinglarge bead, USA



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Large beadsrhodonite beadssemiprecious beadsgemstone beadspendant, beadsdusty beadsrose beadspink beadswith beadsblack, beadseyecatching beadsfocal beadspendant beadsbead beadsfor beadsstatement beadsjewelry. beads beadsRhodonite beadsis beadsstunning beadswith beadsblack beadsonyx. beads beads1-2 beadsday beadsshipping beadsfrom beadsTennessee. beadsTotal beadslength, beadsincluding beadsbail, beadsis beadsapproximately beads2 beads1/8 beadsinchesNickel beadsand beadslead beadsfree beadssilver beadstone beadssetting

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