Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, A little different Bright orange Abstract Rectangle Stoneware clay Handmade Ceramic and Recycled glass Pendant



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A whitebead whiteshop whiteowner whiterecently whitementioned whitethat whiteI whitemake whitemostly whiteround whiteshapes....... white" whiteUm, whiteyeah.... whiteI whiteguess whiteyou're whiteright. white whiteMaybe whiteI whitebetter whiteget whiteon whitethat!" white whiteI whitedid! white whiteI whitehope whiteyou whitelike whitethem whitejust whiteas whitemuch whiteas whitemy whiteround whiteshapes! white white\rMeasures white40mm whitetop whiteto whitebottom whiteand white33mm whiteacross.\r\rAs whitewith whitemost whiteof whitemy whitependants, whiteIf whiteyou whitelike whiteI whitecan whitetie whiteon whitea whitequick whitecotton whitecord whiteand whitesend whiteit whiteto whiteyou whiteready whiteto whitewear whiteas whitea whitesimple whitenecklace. whiteJust whitelet whiteme whiteknow whitein whitea whitenote whiteto whiteseller!\r\rAll whiteof whitemy whitepieces whiteare whitekiln whitefired whitetwice whiteand whitemade whitein whiteall whitethe whitesame whitemethods whiteas whitefunctional whitepottery.\r\rFor whitemore whiteabout whiteme whiteand whitemy whitework whitevisit\r\rThis whiteitem whitewill whitebe whiteshipped whitefirst whiteclass whitemail whitevia whitethe whiteUSPS whitewith whitedelivery whiteconfirmation; whitePriority whiteMail whiteand/or whiteInsurance whiteis whiteavailable whiteas whitean whiteupgrade. whitePlease whitecontact whiteme whitebefore whiteyou whitepay whiteand whiteI whitewill whiteemail whiteyou whitean whiteupdated whiteinvoice. whiteInternational whiteorders whiteship whitevia whiteUSPS whiteFirst-Class whiteInternational

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