Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60 antiqued brass 1 inch cabochon settingpurse charm, pendant trayspurse charm, bronze settingpurse charm, antiqued brass bezelpurse charm, fits 1 inch cabochonpurse charm, resin framespurse charm, charm



In stock



I jewelryship jewelrydaily jewelryfrom jewelrythe jewelryUSA jewelryMonday jewelrythrough jewelryFriday. jewelry jewelryThis jewelrylisting jewelryincludes jewelry60 jewelryantiqued jewelrybrass jewelry1 jewelryinch jewelrypendant jewelrytrays, jewelrybronze jewelrycabochon jewelrybase, jewelryantiqued jewelrybrass jewelrybezel, jewelryholds jewelry1 jewelryinch jewelrycabochon, jewelryresin jewelryframes, jewelrycharm jewelrybase, jewelrybezel jewelryfor jewelryjewelry, jewelryboot jewelrycharms, jewelrypurse jewelrycharms.This jewelrylisting jewelryis jewelryfor jewelrypendant jewelrytray jewelryonly, jewelryno jewelryglass.Perfect jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelryvintage jewelrystyle jewelry& jewelrysteampunk jewelryjewelry, jewelryboot jewelrybracelets jewelry& jewelryother jewelrycrafting jewelryneeds. jewelry jewelryThey jewelryare jewelrynot jewelryflimsy jewelrylike jewelrybrass, jewelrybut jewelrya jewelrynice jewelryweight. jewelry jewelryMy jewelrydomed jewelryglass jewelryand jewelryepoxy jewelrystickers jewelrywork jewelryperfectly jewelrywith jewelrythese. jewelryMade jewelryof jewelryzinc jewelryalloy, jewelryno jewelrylead jewelryor jewelrynickelContact jewelryme jewelryif jewelryyou jewelryneed jewelrya jewelrycustom jewelrylisting.

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