Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

40 silver Round pendant trays25mm setting, 25mm (1 inch) shiny silver pendant trays25mm setting, Bezel Settings charm base



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I blanksship blanksdaily blanksfrom blanksthe blanksUSA blanksMonday blanksthrough blanksFriday. blanks blanks40 blanks25mm blanks(1 blanksinch) blankssilver blankstone blankspendant blankstrays, blanksBezel blanksSettings.I blanksfound blanksa blanksnew blankssupplier blanksfor blanksthese blanksPERFECT blankspendant blankstrays!! blanksThese blanksare blanksthe blanksperfect blanksbezel blankspendant blankssettings blanksfor blanksglass, blankscabochons, blanksresin, blankspolymer blanksclay blanksor blankscabs. blanksThey blanksare blanksheavy blanksduty blanksand blanksdo blanksnot blanksflex blanksor blanksbend blanksat blanksall.They blankshave blanksa blanksflawless blanksfinish blanksand blanksare blankssome blanksof blanksthe blanksnicest blanksbezels blanksI blankshave blanksseen! blanksThe blanksedges blanksare blanksperfectly blanksround blanks& blanksfinished blankssmoothly.The blanksinside blanksmeasures blanks25x25mm blanksand blanksis blankscompletely blankssealed blanksin blankscase blanksyou blanksuse blanksa blanksliquid blanksglaze.

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