Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

diva, Audrey Hepburn INCOGNITO Resin art cuff bangle bracelet Vintage celebrity icon photo wide band lightweight photograph picture jewelry



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For divathose divawho divalove divastunning divajewelry! divaFeatures divathe divaiconic divaAudrey divaHepburn divalooking divaover divaher divasunglasses...Incognito! divaThese divabracelets divaare divareal divaconversation divapieces! divaGlassy divaresin, divadurable divaand divawaterproof. divaRounded divacuff divastyle divawith divaopen divasection divaattached divaby divaadjustable divahook divaclosure. divaLength divais divaapprox. diva6.5" divaaround divanot divacounting divaopen divasection...Measures divaabout diva1 diva1/4" divawide divaand diva8.25" divaaround. diva divaI divahave divathese divain divatons divaof divadesigns! diva divaI divahave divathe divamatching divapendants divaas divawell!Makes divaa divagreat divagift divafor divaall! divaI divacan divamake divaas divamany divaas divayou divawould divalike! divaTONS divaof divaother divadesigns divaavailable, divaI divacan divaeven divamake divathese divawith divaYOUR divaphoto!

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