Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Pink boho earringsButterfly boho earringsearrings boho earrings- boho earringsPink boho earringsbead boho earringsdangle boho earringsearringsCute, boho earringsdouble-sided boho earringsTibetan boho earringssilver boho earringsbutterflies boho earringswith boho earringspretty boho earringsfaceted boho earringspink boho earringsglass boho earringsbeads boho earringsand boho earringssitting boho earringson boho earringsTibetan boho earringssilver boho earringsflower boho earringscaps. boho earrings boho earringsApproximately boho earrings3.5cms boho earringslong boho earringsincluding boho earringsthe boho earringssilver boho earringstone boho earringsear boho earringswire boho earringsfittings.In boho earringsstock boho earringsand boho earringsready boho earringsto boho earringsship

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