Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycled, Ocean Colors Recycled Glass and Stoneware Clay 30" Long Necklace



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Ocean tealcolors-- tealLarge tealDonut tealCharmed tealPendant tealNecklace, teal30" tealBall tealChain. tealThe tealhandmade tealStoneware tealclay tealand tealrecycled tealglass tealDonut tealpendant tealmeasures teal52mm tealin tealdiameter, tealMetal tealCharms, tealand tealstone tealbeads. tealI teallove tealthe tealwarmth tealof tealthis tealpendant tealand tealglass tealcombination. teal tealThe tealPendant tealis tealone tealof tealmy tealpotter's tealwheel tealthrown tealstoneware tealpendants. tealI tealhave tealfused tealteal tealand tealwhite tealrecycled tealglass tealinto tealthe tealclay tealsurface tealduring tealkiln tealfiring. teal tealLightweight tealnatural tealBuri tealRoot tealround tealbeads, teal21" tealLong, tealExtender tealChain tealcan tealbe tealadded tealif tealwanted. teal tealEnjoy!Thanks tealfor teallooking tealand tealbuying tealhandmadeFor tealmore tealabout tealme tealand tealmy tealwork tealvisit tealmy tealArtisan tealClay tealfacebook tealpageThis tealitem tealwill tealbe tealshipped tealfirst tealclass tealmail tealvia tealthe tealUSPS tealwith tealdelivery tealconfirmation; tealPriority tealMail tealand\\/or tealInsurance tealis tealavailable tealas tealan tealupgrade. tealPlease tealcontact tealme tealbefore tealyou tealpay tealand tealI tealwill tealemail tealyou tealan tealupdated tealinvoice. tealInternational tealorders tealship tealvia tealUSPS tealFirst-Class tealInternational.

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