Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, White and Teal Recycled Glass and Stoneware Clay Necklace



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I whitelove whitethe whitewarmth whiteof whitethis whitependant whiteand whiteglass whitecombination. white whiteThe whitePendant whiteis whiteone whiteof whitemy whitepotter's whitewheel whitethrown whitestoneware whitependants. whiteI whitehave whitefused whiteteal whiteand whitewhite whiterecycled whiteglass whiteinto whitethe whiteclay whitesurface whiteduring whitekiln whitefiring. white whiteLightweight whitenatural whiteBuri whiteRoot whiteround whitebeads, white21" whiteLong, whiteExtender whiteChain whitecan whitebe whiteadded whiteif whitewanted. white whiteEnjoy!Thanks whitefor whitelooking whiteand whitebuying whitehandmadeThe whitePiece whiteitself whitehas whitebeen whitefused whitewith whiteStained whiteGlass whiteduring whitethe whiteKiln-firing whiteprocess. whiteI whitehave whitecombined whitemany whitekinds whiteof whiteglass white(clear, whiteopaque, whitemilky, whiteand whitedifferent whitecolors) whiteThe whiteGlasses whitebecome whiteliquid whiteand whitebleed whiteinto whiteeach whiteother whitein whitethe whitekiln whiteswirling whiteands whiteblending whiteat whitethe whiteedges. whiteFinally whiteas whiteI whitecool whitethe whitekiln whitethe whiteglass whitefractures whiteand whitecrackles whitebut whitewith whitea whitesmooth whiteglass whitetop. whiteThe whitecrackling whiterefracts whitelight whiteand whiteglistens whitein whitethe whitesun.Thanks whitefor whitelooking whiteand whitethanks whitefor whitebuying whitehandmade!Check whiteout whitemy whitefacebook whitepage, whiteArtisanClayAnd whiteKristie whiteAnn\u2019s whiteArtisan whiteClay whiteBead whiteand whiteArt whiteSale whiteGroup\u2014- whiteI whiteknow whitethat\u2019s whitea whitemouthful. whiteRight whitenow whiteI\u2019m whitemostly whiteselling whitependants/beads/cabochons whiteand whitewall whitehangings whiteduring whiteonce whitea whitemonth whitetimed whiteFacebook whitetrunk whiteshows. whiteThe whitegroups whitelisted whiteabove whitewill whitehave whiteannouncements whitefor whitethe whiteshows whiteand whiteinstructions whiteon whitehow whiteto whitebecome whitean whiteapproved whitebuyer.

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