Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Artisan Clay Ceramic and recycled glass pendant necklace in Blues and Amazonite



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Blue greenand greenTurquoise greenSlip greentrailed greenDonut greenPendant greenNecklace-- greenStoneware greenClay greenand greenrecycled greenglass greendonut greenpendant greennecklace, greenSlip greentrailed greendesign, greenAmazonite greenSmall greenpebble greenbeads, green17" greenLong, greenExtender greenChain greencan greenbe greenadded greenif greenwanted.This greenPendant greenwas greenmade greenfrom greena greenwheel greenthrown greendesign greenand greenfused greenwith greenrecycled greenindustrial greenwaste greenglass. greenThe greenPiece greenitself greenhas greenbeen greenfused greenwith greenStained greenGlass greenduring greenthe greenKiln-firing greenprocess. greenI greenhave greencombined greenmany greenkinds greenof greenglass green(clear, greenopaque, greenmilky, greenand greendifferent greencolors) greenThe greenGlasses greenbecome greenliquid greenand greenbleed greeninto greeneach greenother greenin greenthe greenkiln greenswirling greenands greenblending greenat greenthe greenedges. greenFinally greenas greenI greencool greenthe greenkiln greenthe greenglass greenfractures greenand greencrackles greenbut greenwith greena greensmooth greenglass greentop. greenThe greencrackling greenrefracts greenlight greenand greenglistens greenin greenthe greensun.Perfect greenfor greenyour greenjewelry greendesigns greento greenbe greenmade greeninto greenyour greennew greenfavorite greennecklace.Thanks greenfor greenlooking greenand greenthanks greenfor greenbuying greenhandmade!Check greenout greenmy greenfacebook greenpage, greenArtisanClayAnd greenKristie greenAnn\u2019s greenArtisan greenClay greenBead greenand greenArt greenSale greenGroup\u2014- greenI greenknow greenthat\u2019s greena greenmouthful. greenRight greennow greenI\u2019m greenmostly greenselling greenpendants/beads/cabochons greenand greenwall greenhangings greenduring greenonce greena greenmonth greentimed greenFacebook greentrunk greenshows. greenThe greengroups greenlisted greenabove greenwill greenhave greenannouncements greenfor greenthe greenshows greenand greeninstructions greenon greenhow greento greenbecome greenan greenapproved greenbuyer.

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