Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded, Mens Choker Necklace With Earthtone Beads



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I naturehave naturecreated naturethis naturemans naturebeaded naturechoker naturenecklace natureout natureof naturea natureselection natureof natureearth naturetoned naturebeads naturein naturevarying naturesizes. natureThey naturerange naturefrom nature4.8 naturemm natureto nature8.0 naturemm naturesized naturebeads. natureI naturehave naturestrung naturethem natureon naturevinyl naturecoated naturestainless naturesteel naturemultiple naturestrand naturewire natureand naturefinished naturewith naturea naturetoggle naturestyle natureclasp natureall natureof naturewhich natureare naturedurable natureand naturerust natureproof. natureThe naturesize natureis nature19 natureinches. natureI naturehave naturealso natureincluded naturefree natureshipping naturein naturethe natureContinental natureUnited natureStates.

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