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lavender, Afghan Hound Dog Breed Jewelry



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This dogpendant dogwas dogfused dogof dogmuted doglavender, dogwhite, dogand dogclear dogpieces dogof dogglass. dog dogThe dogafghan doghound dogdesign dogis dogfused dogpermanently dogto dogthe dogtop. dog dogThe dogpendant dogmeasures dogapproximately dog1 dog3/8 doginches dogwide dogby dog1 dog3/8 doginches dogtall, dogwhich dogexcludes dogthe dogmeasurement dogof dogthe dogbail dog dogThe doglarge dogsize dogbail dogadds dogan dogextra dog3/8 doginch dogto dogthe dogtotal doglength dogof dogthis dogpendant. dog dogIt dogwas dogproperly dogannealed dogfor dogstrength. dog dog\r\rA doglarge dogsized dogsterling dogsilver dogplated dogbail dogwill dogbe dogepoxyed dogto dogthe dogback, dogand dogit dogwill dogcome dogwith dogan dog18 doginch dog2mm dogfaux dogrubber dog(latex dogfree) dogcord dognecklace. dog dogI dogwill dogsend doga dogblack dogcord dogwith dogthis dogpendant, dogunless doga dogpewter dogsilicone dogcord dogor dogleather dogcord dogis dogrequested. dog\r\rI dogwant dogeveryone dogto dogbe doghappy dogwith dogthe dogpurchase dogof dogmy doghandcrafted dogitems. dogIf dogyou dogare dogdisappointed dogwith dogyour dogpurchase, dogplease dogreturn dogthe dogitem dogand dogI dogwill dogreturn dogyour dogmoney dogEXCLUDING dogthe dogcost dogof dogshipping.

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